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Publications and Essays

This page provides links to all of Dr. Tarwacki’s published and unpublished essays.


The links will bring you the website hosted by Google where the items can be viewed or downloaded.

Perceptions of Quality in Criminal Investigations: Investigators, Supervisors and Prosecutors.

A research study of the use of psychotropic medications in controlling the behavior of delinquent juveniles.

A paper that considers the ethical use of confidential informants for law enforcement practitioners.

A research study that asks the question, “Do Fear and Stress Contribute to Reported Acts of Police Brutality?”

An assessment of the effectiveness of SWAT units upon officer safety and the community at large.

Dissertation Link

Post Fear and Aggression in Law Enforcement Work

Confidential Informats: Ethical Considerations

Chemical Restraints

Dynamic Entry Teams

The origins and outcomes of a nationalistic, Polish social movement in 1914. (Związek Strzelecki).

The Riflemen’s Association

A research study of homicide rates by rifle in the United States for the 10 year period from 1994 through 2004.

The Effectiveness of the 1994 Assault Rifle Ban

An excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Social Problems by Vincent Parillo, Editor, and written by Dr. Tarwacki.

Police Stress

Cyber Crime—The Investigative Process (Ch. 6) and Administrative Investigations (Ch. 10) in the ISC2 Certified Cyber Forensic Profession Manual (CCFP).


Coming Soon — Cyber Forensics—Chapters 6 and 10